Current guides for Danish universities

The Danish Open Access Indicator aims at providing transparency in regards to processes, data foundation, criterias etc. This page compiles information, important dates and user guides considered relevant for the Open Access implementors at the Danish universities.

The annual production cycle

The annual launch of the Open Access percentage in Denmark is the result of a year long process including testruns, hearing periods with the involvement of the universities, adjustments etc. A visual overview of the annual production cycle is available online.

Using external repositories

The Open Access Indicator measures Open Access from both local and other recognized Open Access repositories. An authority list of recognized external repositories is updated yearly, based on input from the Danish universities. During a hearing period, the universities may suggest new repositories to be added to the list.

The current authority list, the criteria for inclusion, and a guide to correct linking is explained in this guide.

Journals with long embargoes

In order to establish which journals have embargoes above the 12 months allowed in the National Open Access strategy, an authority list is gathered on a yearly basis. Embargolists from the largest publishers are collected and during a hearing period, the universities are asked to add to the list additional journals with embargoes exceeding the allowed 12 months. Articles published in any of these journals are classified as blocked Open Access in the Open Access Indicator.

The current list of journals with long embargos used for the Open Access Indicator 2021 calculation is available for download

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